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8 May 2017 9:29 AM -

The iconic Hume and Hovell walking track is now online, with a dedicated website launched in April.

Snowy Valleys Council Tourism Promotion Officer Natasha Borschmann said that the website has been designed to increase awareness of the track and to provide users with information such as track conditions, campsites, distances and other local information.

“The Hume and Hovell Track is a premier walking experience in this State and one that not many people really know about,” she said.

The historically significant Hume and Hovell Track follows in the footsteps of explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell on their expedition to Port Phillip in 1824. 

Constructed during the 1980s and completed in 1988 as a bicentenary project, the 426 kilometre track follows the route of the explorers between Yass and Albury passing through Wee Jasper and the nearby the towns of Tumut, Talbingo and Tumbarumba.

Funding for the new website was received through the Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program, an Australian Government initiative for regional communities.

Ms Borschmann is confident that the increased promotion of the track will bolster visitor numbers and provide a welcome economic boost to the communities that the track traverses.

“Increasing the awareness of the track through the website, along with promotion of local businesses who provide products and services to track users, will ultimately benefit the local economies of Yass Valley, Snowy Valleys, Greater Hume and Albury City Councils,” she said.

Strong support for the project has been provided by its key stakeholders including NSW Department of Industry Lands and the four Local Government Areas traversed by the Hume and Hovell track.

Ms Borschmann said that the overall maintenance of the track has been significantly enhanced over recent years and further infrastructure development is planned for the near future.

“The Hume and Hovell walking track is an important tourism asset for Snowy Valleys Council and the wider region,” she said.

The new Hume and Hovell website, which includes detailed information about the sections of the track, a trip planner, a photography and video gallery, various maps and track updates, can be accessed at