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Food and Wine

Experience the flavours of the Tumbarumba Region. Discover a magical place surrounded by idyllic mountain peaks; natural bushland; expansive vineyards; lush agricultural pastures; and crystal-clear streams brimming with trout.

The cool mountain climate with high sunshine hours and brilliant light provides favourable growing conditions for some of the best cool climate food and wine in Australia.

Challenge your tastebuds, and engage the senses. Step off the beaten track and meet local producers. Hear the story behind the food and taste the difference of seasonal, fresh produce.


Tumbarumba’s cool climate is perfect for growing the rare and highly prized fungi. Truffle seeking dogs sniff out the mature truffles from late June to early August. Locally grown truffles match perfectly with Tumbarumba’s premium sparkling wine.


Tumbarumba’s climate is well suited to growing blueberries. The chill factor over the winter produces a more intense flavour and higher quality blueberry, which also contributes to a greater shelf life.  The blueberry harvest season runs from late December to mid March, and export grade fruit must be hand harvested, resulting in an influx of fruit pickers in the summer months.


The sub alpine growing conditions at Tumbarumba provide an ideal climate for growing chestnuts. Chestnuts have been found to produce a better crop when they are subjected to chilling during the dormant period - frosts and snowfalls are beneficial rather than harmful to chestnut trees. Tumbarumba’s chestnuts are renowned for their easy peeling and superior sweet flavour.

Olive Oil

The Tumbarumba region is home to a number of olive groves. The cold winter and hot summer temperatures provide the climatic conditions for producing a range of olive oil varieties. A cooler winter gives a longer growing season which produces a superior quality olive and thus, olive oil.


Raspberries require an extensive chill period in winter for normal bud break and flowering. A sufficiently cold winter means that dormancy requirements can be met. The raspberry season is from mid December to late January.


The Tumbarumba region has a reputation for being some of the best beef cattle grazing country in Australia. A popular breed of beef cattle, the Murray Grey was developed in the Upper Murray Region near Tumbarumba. Cattle graze on rolling green hills and sheltered valleys with spectacular mountain backdrops. The abundance of feed means that premium grass fed beef is a specialty, with no added growth hormones.


As well as being ideal for beef cattle, Tumbarumba is renowned as one of the best prime lamb farming regions in Australia. Reliable rainfall in winter and spring provide high quality natural feed all year round.

Where to eat

For a taste of local Tumbarumba produce, Elms Restaurant and Nest Cinema Cafe have regularly changing seasonal menus using fresh local produce. Nest hosts a monthly produce and handmade market, as well as selling local produce at the cafe.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the beautiful Tumbarumba region and sample the best of the cool climate produce that Tumbarumba has to offer. Click here for information on Tumbarumba wines.