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Buddong Falls

One of the highlights of the Hume and Hovell Track is Buddong Falls. The Falls are located approximately an hours drive from Tumbarumba, either from Bago Forest (near Laurel Hill turn into Knopsens Road, then Snubba Road, and follow the signs) or from the Powerline Road off the Elliott Way. The Elliott Way is south of Tumbarumba, about 18kms along the Tooma Road. Turn left at the Elliott Way and continue until you come to the gravel road which runs underneath the large high voltage powerlines. Turn left and continue on until you see the directional sign to Buddong Falls. Both roads into Buddong Falls are unsuitable for two wheel drive vehicles.

There is an easy 400 metre return walk from the picnic area to view the top fall, and a steeper 1.6 km return walk to view the bottom fall. Listen for the lyrebirds calling in the steep valley below the falls.

For experienced hikers, a total of 17 campsites have been developed along the whole track. Each campsite is about a day's walking from the next.

Map kits are for sale at the Tumbarumba Visitor Information Centre.

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